Harvest Pack Food Distribution


Harvest Pack Food Distribution

Who is receiving food?

CHM distributes Harvest Pack to a free school that is run out of the Bwadjout church where we used to hold malnutrition clinic. The school is run by Pastor Wilma Fleurimond and his wife in an extremely impoverished area. Most of the children in this school were coming to school with no breakfast and the school was unable to provide them with an afternoon meal:

  • “The food being brought to our school is a great thing. There were many times, me and my wife who is the Directress of the school, we have to buy crackers and cookies on credit to give the children. They would come and sleep, lay down on the benches. And when that happens, myself as the pastor and my wife as the Directress, we can’t let that happen. We have to buy crackers on credit to give to them so that they can learn. It is a community that is very poor materially. [The food] is helping many children and their parents, too, because the food is doing a very great thing for them. And I will tell you honestly, it is something we hope for every day. We don’t ever want to be without it because of the way it helps us. … We thank them very much for thinking of us and sending the food to us.”
    Wilma Fleurimond - Pastor, Church of God of the Redemption of Jesus Christ, Bwadjout
  • Because of the Harvest Pack food, the children are now able to eat in school three days a week and have enough energy to learn! CHM believes educating Haiti’s next generation is crucial to her future.

    In addition to feeding the bellies of  children, the Harvest Pack food is also drawing parents of the school children to church and to Jesus. Pastor Wilma says that since the food has been provided at his school, his church has been exploding with the parents of school children! They are coming in droves and accepting Christ because of the great things they see being done in his name. Halleluia! 

    What is Harvest Pack food?


    Harvest Pack food provides a balanced, nutritious meal in easy to use and long-storing packaging. It combines four ingredients, rice, soy protein, dried vegetables, and vitamin and mineral powder to create a full meal that only requires boiling water to prepare.

    Children’s Health Ministries receives Harvest Pack food from the Alexandria, MN packaging location. We have a long standing relationship with the Alexandria coordinators, Chris and Tiffany Schmidt, and are very happy to partner with them to have this great food sent to our organization in Haiti.

    One of the coolest things about Harvest Pack food is that people like YOU get to participate in packaging it! Chris and Tiffany host packing events in the Alexandria Lakes Area where individuals and groups can participate in the measuring, sealing, and boxing of the food. To participate, contact Harvest Pack Alexandria on their Facebook page.

    When the Harvest Pack food is ready to be shipped, it leaves Alexandria on a semi. We have previously had  drivers donate their time, rig, and gas for this. It is taken to the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport and put on a military plane to South Carolina. It then waits for free space on another military flight to Haiti. The Denton Act provides for this free transport on military airliners, and it also allows the food to be brought into Haiti customs free. The food is unloaded at the airport by a forklift and we load it into a truck to be brought back to CHM!

    How can I help?

    There are many ways to support CHM’s food distribution ministry!

    If you live near Alexandria, schedule a school, work, or church packing event with Harvest Pack!

    CHM also needs help transporting the packaged food! If you or someone you know would like to help ship food from Alexandria to Minneapolis, please contact us!

    Financial resources are also needed to be able to pay for transportation in Haiti. The forklift to remove the food from the military aircraft alone costs around $800. Please consider if God is calling you to become a CHM ministry partner by giving to this cause. Thank you!